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a new phase

About a year ago, I stopped blogging.

More and more strangers were following the blog and that made me a little nervous. I have always struggled with how much of my guy’s private life to make public — and I’ve wavered between varying degrees of openness.

The world has changed. And, I don’t think any of us are entirely sure of the consequences of all of these changes just yet. It’s strange to think that one day, if my little guy reads this, he won’t ever know of a different, more private world. Or, perhaps, the pendulum will swing back the other way. Though, I’m doubtful. Some things can’t be undone.

I love sharing my sweet boy with my sweet friends. But, I do most of that sharing over fb now. But I love this blog. I love it for the time capsule that it has become: a love letter to my little guy. Maybe he’ll think I’m nuts. Hopefully, I’m coming across as adoring, rather than obsessive.

WordPress has made some changes, and now allows me to password protect posts. I’ll be following this plan from here on out. I’m sure that will eventually limit my readers to immediate family. I’m fine with that. If you do wish to be continuously bombarded by pics of my little guy, of course, let me know and I’ll send you the password.

I’ll see the rest of you on fb.


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giving thanks

I’m beginning to think I should rename this blog “catching up.”

Thanksgiving Ornaments 2013
Earlier in the month, the little guy informed me that he would be too busy playing on Thanksgiving to count his blessings. He said, “I only got to count three blessings: one, two three. That’s what God told me.” We did a little better than that. Throughout the day, I asked him what he was thankful for. Here is what he came up with…

  • my toys,
  • and squirrel (daddy),
  • my snuggly doggie I take a nap with,
  • jumping,
  • when you walk and stomp and flip,
  • Lolly-dog (Lola),
  • my two motorcycles,
  • my animals,
  • God in my heart,
  • T (a friend at school),
  • everybody in the whole world like my family and L & M (cousins),
  • J & J (birthday buddies),
  • you (me!),
  • cinnamon rolls,
  • Miss M (his teacher)

I’d say that’s a pretty fantastic list.

Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too. The countdown to Christmas is in full swing around here. (Maybe I’ll post some pictures of it in… say February?)

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at four

Okay, so technically we are over two months past four, but…. you know.

At four, TLG…

    • is in the 80th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height; the doctor reports that he is going to be very tall
    • hates getting shots, must be held down while he yells out traumatic guilt inducing indictments: Dr. Gomez said no shots! I’m never ever gonna have a shot! Shots are not my favorite things! You got to stop it! Shots are gonna be for forever! Mommy tell her to stop it! Tell Daddy he’s got to let go of me! Daddy’s not following directions!
    • favorite songs include: “Applause” by Lady Gaga (because of he too lives for the applause),  “Roar” by Katy Perry (lions and tigers), and Bruce Springsteen’s version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” (rock and roll + Santa, who wouldn’t love that) and The Fox Song.
    • loves all things Turtle Man, wants to be a real live Turtle Man rescuing real live critters when he grows up
    • will only respond to Turtle Man when he is wearing his black cowboy hat (which is almost always these days, even sleeping) (see below for Turtle Man / “Call of the Wildman” clip)
    • has renamed daddy, Lola and I: Squirrel, Lolly-dog, and Turtle Mom (more “Call of the Wildman” references)
    • constantly refers to the baby brother he is going to have (oh, brother!) This stroller is going to be for my baby brother! I’m going to sing that song for my baby brother!
    • hates bedtime
    • loves reading
    • loves singing
    • loves Mommy (and Daddy, too, but I’m the favorite these days)
    • loves movies
    • loves loves loves show and tell
    • loves a piggie-back ride
    • favorite foods: nutella, kretzels and dip (pretzels dipped in nutella), cinnamon rolls, meatballs and fruit snacks
    • thinks it is funny to say poopy
    • loves to make up silly words like tootle-ma-doodle
    • loves to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed
    • is working on obedience
    • makes a friend everywhere we go
    • still has a 4:30 internal alarm clock
    • loves loud loud loud music
    • wants to be a big boy
    • still wears a pull up at night, is working on undies for naps
    • loves to help
    • loves his doggie
    • loves to sword fight and karate chop and wrestle and kung-fu and pretends he is playing with guns (he gives me a sly sideways look and explains that it is only a water gun. boo.)
    • still loves dinos and cars and rescue heroes
    • is becoming interested in super heroes
    • is joyful and wild and silly and sensitive

Who is Turtle Man?

What’s the Fox Song?


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